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Ana Carrasco has achieved in the past weekend, 2 of 2 podiums, leaving in the air and nowadays, in the circuit, in the form, in the form, in the skin, in each of the races.

First Jerez's Race

Although he did not get the first position, if he won the love of his people, followed by a great recognition, for how he gave everything in Jerez, and for his great ability to learn in each of the circuits in which he runs.

Second Jerez's Race

The second race was probably the most adjusted race in the whole world, and we know that the bar was quite high, but deciding the podium with a photo finished is playing on another level. That’s how Ana Carrasco got the podium did not last to win and give until the last thousandth, so that our pilot taught us more than how to take a motorcycle, teach us not to surrender until the end does not overcome, until everything is over Thanks ana carrasco


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